All nomado REST API endpoints are protected with three authentication methods : User credentials, JSON Web Tokens and API Keys.

We recommend to use JSON Web Tokens and API Keys.

User credentials

User credential based authentication is the easiest of all to test and explore nomado REST API. User credentials should be provided with each request in Authorization header base64 encoded and separated by :.

Example: If your username is and your password is 123456, your base64(username:password) value would be: bXllbWFpbEBteXNlcnZlci5jb206MTIzNDU2

curl -X POST \ \
-H 'Authorization: BASIC bXllbWFpbEBteXNlcnZlci5jb206MTIzNDU2' 
//Base64 encoding for

Work in progress for other methods.