Free HLR Validation


Not as robust as a hlr lookup, this endpoint allows you to fetch basic information regarding a phone number such as if its a valid phone number, a landline or mobile, country it belongs, etc. This lookup does not cost you anything.

API Endpoint



You can choose one of the authentication methods referenced here.

Query URL

Just append the number to the API endpoint url, such as[NUMBER] where [NUMBER] will be replaced by the actual E164 formatted mobile number.


status code description
200 success Request sent successfully
400 bad request Incorrect or missing parameters
401 unauthorized Invalid credentials or incorrect authentication method

Request example


Content-type: application/json
Authorization: BASIC base64encodedCredentials

Query URL

Response example

    "Status": "Valid",
    "Region": "BE",
    "CountryCode": 32,
    "Type": "Mobile"